Diving in the Maldives
Sail through many Atolls and past countless deserted tropical islands where you can explore a myriad of dive sites or snorkel in the emerald blue lagoons.

Travelling from spot to spot the liveaboard gives you the opportunity to enjoy many different dive sites in various atolls, allowing you to discover many of the top scuba locations the Maldives has to offer.

Magnificent coral reefs, rich marine life, kaleidoscope of fish, thrills of caves, reef slopes and fantastic wrecks. You will be delighted by the variety of corals and the sight of friendly sharks and manta rays. Maldives offers something for everyone, fast drift dives, precipitous walls, shallow lagoons and pretty pinnacles

Maldives is a year-round dive destination with two distinct seasons, defined by the direction of the prevailing winds: the southwest lasting May to October and the northeast lasting December to April. November and April, by and large, are inter-season months with shifting winds.

Regardless of the weather, the fish life in the Maldives is fabulous, and one will never cease to be amazed by the marvelous coral reefs and marine life.  Maldives is also one of the most exhilarating places for marine life photography with opportunities for macro and wide angle on almost on every dive.

Each dive designed by people who really know live aboard diving, with its handpicked dive team, experienced crew and top class cuisine, is the ultimate Maldives dive cruise.

Divers from around the world visit the Maldives to enjoy the breathtaking underwater scenery. Most dive equipment is available from the live aboard. Courses are offered in different languages including English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Experienced dive masters and instructors guide you to the depths of the Maldives with care and caution.

Divers are requested to be cautious of variations in the direction and pattern of currents. However, if you follow the safety guidelines from the instructors, diving in the Maldives is effortless and rewarding.

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